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Can't Send Payment from Gatehub to Coinbase


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Hello, I'm having trouble sending payment from Gatehub to Coinbase.   I will list the steps I have taken below.   I would really appreciate a timely response.  Thank you, CRJ

           1)  I clicked on Send Payment

           2) Send Payment window pops up and I clicked on BITCOIN tab.

           3) I "Send to" my Coinbase BTC Wallet address and type in 0.05 BTC.  "Pay with" 373.133 XRP.  Then clicked "Next step."       

           4) Another Send Payment window pops up for me to "Confirm."  However, "Amount to be delivered" and "Withdrawal fee" have no values in front of BTC.   "Ripple Network Fee" has a value                  of 0.0081 XRP.  I clicked "Confirm" and received the following message.  "Error tecPATH Dry Path could not send partial amount.

             *** Am I suppose to link wallets?  Does this have anything to do with gateway?  Please help                      


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