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Buy Web Hosting Services and Dedicated Servers using XRP


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Hi guys.


My name is Christopher Morgan and I represent the company BelCloud.

We are a big fan of cryptocurrencies and we have lots of users that pay for their services through bitcoin.

Because we want cryptocurrencies to grow and become a bigger part of what we use on the internet to make payments, we have started accepting 30 new cryptocurrencies on all our websites.

You can now pay using XRP directly for dedicated servers, VPS and shared web hosting.


Not sure if the rules allow posting direct links but will do it anyway:


Host.AG - Dedicated Servers and Complex Hosting Solutions

VPS.ag  - VPS and Containers starting at 2 EURO per month

TrueHoster.com - Unlimited Web Hosting Solutions at 12 EURO per year.


Let me know if you have any questions and I will gladly answer them.

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