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Rippex password is wrong error


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So I just created a wallet, wrote down public address, secret key and password. I logged in a few times on the wallet file and it works just fine. Then I made a regular key to check it out what it is and removed it again because I don't want it. I transfered some XRP and now I suddenly can't login anymore. I am 100% sure that the password is correct. How can I log in with my secret key?

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Are you sure you wrote down the master key / secret key and not the regular key? The masterkey should always work, the regular can be revoked.

Are you sure you open the right wallet (the master wallet, not the regular)?
Setting a regular key creates a different wallet file if I'm correct

See https://rippex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/209782923-Using-Regular-Keys-Security

Note I don't have experience with the Rippex wallet, just trying to help

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Okey the Rippex wallet is just confusing. I found on github that it has a bug, if you make a regular key and remove it. It corrupts your wallet file: https://github.com/rippex/ripple-client-desktop/issues/9

So to restore the wallet, I select create new account (with secret key). Then I fill in my secret key and the password I used and I received a wallet with the exact same public address as before. So it's all working now. 

However this bug did kinda scare me. What wallet is consider safe and bug free?

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