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Ripple's XRP will be soon listed at biggest chinese exchange(s) Huobi (and OKcoin)

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When I was going through my divorce my ex wife asked me multiple times when will you ever stop(even though she was the one constantly trying to **** me over)


i told her soon....


i never did lol

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Can't believe China is allowing cryptocurrency trading given how it is stopping Facebook, Google, etc..

China is also worried about capital flight..

Well, it doesn't matter to us I guess! more demand for XRP the better off we will be!!! 

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On 2017/5/31 at 9:08 PM, fracas said:

The news: https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/exchange/ethereum-trading-coming-chinese-bitcoin-exchange-huobi/

The good for Ripple\XRP: "The exchange also lists future additions like Monero, XRP and Dash."

According to Huobi's chart XRP will be the next just after Litecoin. OKcoin should follow the same path too (but this is just a speculation).

This price-sensitive news explains Ethereum gains in latest 24 houres (https://www.ethnews.com/chinese-digital-currency-exchanges-huobi-and-okcoin-to-list-ether).

So expect XRP gains too. When? Soon.


Welcome to China.

If xrp is listed on huobi or Okcoin, We'll again meet tons of bananas on xrpchat... LOL

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