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Hey Guys,


Does anyone know how to withdraw from gatehub, back to coinbase back to your bank account? Vve been looking at youtube videos, but theyre mostly for EURs and they use other programs other than coinbase.

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4 minutes ago, fracas said:

I have withdrawed with success to bank account (after my profile has been verified of course) directely from XRP to EUR (GateHub made the istant exchange without having me to trade it).

I've been waiting for 4 weeks now

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5 minutes ago, Fanust said:

Don't know, i've asked twice and once they gave a answer that i missed the category, so i changed

Real question is: what happens if you put something wrong (e.g. IBAN)? Maybe it's your case but I would expect XRP turn back to Wallet. Or are they lost?

Are you sure withdrawing has been completed?

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