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Getting Started with Interledger Demos

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I've setup my demo account on interledger.org, allowing me to send and receive payments to and from other users on the demo environments [ red.ilpdemo.org, blue.ilpdemo.org ] using fake money

Here's the link to get started: https://interledger.org/getting-started.html 

If anyone wants to send fake money please, give it a try.

I'd like to try other users also, feel free to post here - use lando@blue.ilpdemo.org. [*, **]



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I sent you 1000 EUR, but that was just a blue to blue transfer. I can only get free fake money on blue, but when I try to send it to my red wallet, there's no ILP path. The red wallet goes to a sandboxed paypal page to deposit. I couldn't tell if it really submits a transaction or not, but I wasn't going to test it.

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Thanks @brianwalden. The red setup changed over the past few days to include the Deposit PayPal function. Which I've also tried to setup and test ( Chrome only ).

I believe you have to create a development sandbox user account on PayPal to proceed.  Perfectly reasonable to do this in a non-prod environment... That said, I've not had a successful deposit yet. I'm waiting to hear a response back from the developers on the issue.

I've just sent you some USD to your Red setup, and EUROS to your Blue setup from the same account. 



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