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Ripple debit/credit cards.


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I'm not interested in using cash. I want to use my XRP with a reasonable interest charge or conversation rate, in XRP's case the friction should be ultra low.

Where's is the XRP credit / Debit card and when will it be mainstream? 

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They actually had a Ripple card when they first started out... I don't think you're going to see Ripple foray into financial services in the short term though. They are focused on software and their asset. Others are welcome to build payment systems on top of Ripple though. Perhaps Ripple will even invest in/buy one of these companies.

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Credit/debit cards in crypto currencies have interest implications in the context of tax. It is likely that in many countries converting a crypto into fiat will be the timing of taxation. Will the XRP credit/debit card allow us to use XRP to buy things (or even a car and real estates) without being taxed? Probably no, otherwise this will be an obvious and huge loophole from the tax authorities' point of view.

In addition, it is not clear whether paying by XRP is a very smart way of buying things as long as a big volatility remains, especially towards the XRP price rising. Similar to the legend of buying pizzas using bitcoin of earlier days which is now worse a huge amount of money.     

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