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Win 1000 XRP - Guess the price on 1st Jan 2016


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Are you ready to win XRP? To show off your skills at gazing into the crystal ball?

Then have a go at predicting the price of XRP! What will the price be on 1st January 2016? Simply have a guess in this topic (e.g $0.005) and 1000 shiny XRP could be all yours.

See the rules below and good luck fellow Ripplers!!


Guesses must be in USD ($0.005 or 0.005 are acceptable)
You can only guess once. If you post two prices in the thread, you are disqualified.
You must choose ONE price. e.g. 0.00456 ± 0.0005 is not allowed.
Moderators and Ripple Employees cannot play (sorry!)
If two people select the same price, the person who posted first wins.
Any edits of your price post will disqualify you, so choose a price and stick to it!
I may need to make up other rules on the spot to ensure a fair game.
Prize delivered only in XRP to the account you nominate.

Entries Close: Thursday 17th December 12:15 ACDT
Entries are compared to the price as at Friday 1st January 2016 using RippleCharts on XRP/USD Bitstamp 12:15 ACDT 5m interval

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