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Is RIPPEX Wallet Safe?


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I have just joined this website and I downloaded an offline Rippex Wallet.

It seems to be a great tool and very easy to use but it does require online connection, so I don't think there is any "official" offline Ripple wallet ... so for now I'd say I think it's safe to use and it seems to be a solid project because it's from Brazil, a country that is developing (if it was in the US, I would be worried about regulation etc.)

So use it for now, keep an eye on it from time to time, if any red flag rises just transfer your XRP from your Rippex Wallet to any other wallet - or alternatively keep your balance separated in several places as the saying goes "Never put all your eggs in 1 basket".

Hope this helps.


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I am using a Rippex wallet for my desktop and think it is good for what it is supposed to do: store XRP and show transactions

Thanks to advice received from this forum I migrated directly from RippleTrade to my Rippex desktop wallet and am happy thus far.

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