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The original accounts

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Any idea which wallet would they have made distributions to partners? The top one belonging to ripple labs? I remember  they moved a lot of XRP around a while back too so it's probably all over the place. 



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Guest Kaze

Is anyone able to pull/create a list of current wallets and xrp?  I would love to see top 1000.

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doesn't heartbit have a graph / graphic that shows the flow of transactions from one account to others?

So stemming from this address: r8TR1AeB1RDQFabM6i8UoFsRF5basqoHJ        79,997,608,218,999,900   Ripple (Labs)

1. 9,000,000,000 sent to http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rNAbBQAd8zgfdRoUFvjeu582Nu7uQjsuhz%22}

Linked to these wallets:

9,999,999,743 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22radkxo6zoVUyYt2NfRFSnELWnxbHUuuyBp%22}

7,349,999,760 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rGUjeTeVRWsPUSLyEXx9RH9pQnRSu7LNo4%22}

4,011,137,190 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rJ91aVJryEySEcUwd8rLPNYSLSBvSSwZfK%22}

1,088,862,713 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22raZt9CZHwHiAPZPWGLZ4bQJG91Jmdbjccm%22}

Additional Wallets:

RippleWorks ? http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rmTzKiCAGWykrDvAQQfdhdGXtQxn2kcW5%22}

Continuing to add to this

2. 9,000,000,000 Sent to http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rNGWsgk1MGdW12SWQ67hRhnvGfZ1M3cMxB%22}

Linked to these Wallets:

6,899,999,959 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22raTXbSrjc1Z4QWUM1nN6kWNj6ji5CCZZwQ%22}

9,199,999,678 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22r9ZWnxoJajbnyL1W73uYkQbztrwf3qRBTt%22}

3. 8,800,000,001 Sent to http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rJipRKjL3CNAvWWMNrbXW9sCvk66PBdyMv%22}

Linked to these Wallets:

11,149,758,479 http://ledgermonitor.herokuapp.com/app?{%22address%22:%22rhT2zX6SqTycCnGfGLKBBjVnvWmuyGFb7A%22}


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