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How to contact Coinone Exchange (as a foreigner)

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I had a problem when I was withdrawing my bitcoin from the Coinone exchange to my Bitfinex account 2 hours ago, it showed a sender error and I couldn't successfully send my bitcoin. Nevertheless, Coinone still deduct my bitcoin balance. I checked  and there is no record of transaction in the blockchain. The deduction of my bitcoin is also not reflected in my transaction history.

Now I wish to contact the Coinone to enquire about the whereabout of my bitcoin. But it seems very hard for foreigner like me to contact them except through emails, which they never reply at all based on my previous experience. So I wish to ask you all for your opinion on how to resolve this case...

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Found this thread looking for their number as well.

I deposited my money into their (obscure bank) and triple checked the number and had to look up the bank's acronym in order to know which bank to send it. Send a good chunk of money and it never reflected on my account.


Try to get in touch with them via email, no response for 5 days. This isn't verification or anything, this f'n money i have sent them and not showing up anywhere. What ********. No phone number, what ********.

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