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Missing Wire


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I sent a wire from my bank to my gatehub wallet and it was never received. After speaking with my bank they informed me the trouble must be on the side of the receiving bank in Russia, with is Gatehub. Problem is I have summitted 4 diff support emails to no response, can anyone help? @gatehub

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i sent it to the information they provide. i even followed the directions to provide the number left in the instructions. GateHub Limited is the recipient, with the addy being Hatton Garden london. the Bank name is Gorenjska Banks DD Adress Bleiweisova Cesta. no wire received and no email replies from GateHub.

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Ive sent money to fund my Gatehub 7days ago and my money still isn't in my account.

It never use to take this long...It use to take 24hrs for my transferred funds to land into my Gatehub account..

I understand that there are growing number of investors, but surely you can hire more and upgrade to be able to service the new business coming in..

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