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If you need moderators

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hi there,

as always kudos to Karlos for this great forum!

I think we might need a new moderator, often at this time of the day there is no mod connected and today we have a crazy spammer


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On 8-9-2015 at 9:12 PM, tomxcs said:

Hey all, I threw up a forum at http://ioune.ws over the weekend, too. It looks like you already have more users and the forum is more advanced/feature-rich than mine. It'd be nice to converge on one forum - I'm happy to close up mine and get everyone over here. What do you think? Tom

I'd like to chip in that I also have something in the works. Only used internally so far, not yet publicly released, but that will happen "soon" (in the context of software release :) ). I think it's ultra-wow, and beats the crap out of any forum software I've seen. My plan was to contact Karlos once its ready, and suggest moving to it.

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