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Trouble Signing in Gatehub Using Ipad with IOS 10.3.2


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I had no problems before signing into my XRP Wallet in my Gatehub acct using my Ipad with the old software. I was able to go to my wallet, trade, exchange, make a deposti, basically do whatever I wanted to with my xrp. Yesterday, however,  I updated to the latest software which is IOS 10.3.2. Since then, everytime I sign-in to Gatehub, I can only go to the home page. You know, the very first page that opens up after a successful sign-in? It's like the screen is frozen. It does not respond to whatever I try to do. I could no longer go to a specific wallet, trade, exchange, or go to transactions. Does anybody have the same problem with the new IOS 10.3.2. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Please help.

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