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Gatehub and Interledger in Berlin

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@cmbartley Thanks for reminding me - with all the buzz about Consensus 2017, I'd almost forgot about the hack-a-thon in one week.  Here's some more tidbits from Gatehub:



We’ve been working on a number of great new APIs allowing our users to build Interledger-based applications with the power of the GateHub wallet and exchange behind them.

At the Interledger workshop on 1 June we’ll be presenting the details of these APIs. We’ll also be attending the full-day hackathon on 2 June to help interested developers get setup in our sandbox and start building new applications.


No wonder these guys are so busy - trying to build and keep up with exploding membership is no small feat.  They've also put out some documentation on the API's: https://gatehub.net/resources/documents/InterledgerAPI.pdf 

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