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Crossed markets on Gatehub

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Sorry for the dumb question but I trade a lot of USD vs USD, any combination of Bitstamp, Gatehub and MrRipple - all on Gathub... if that makes sense. 

I am noticing more and more crossed markets, i.e. bids and offers, through the other side of the market. What is weird is that the spread between these crossed markets has gone as high as 1.5%/2% meaning the market at one point was 1.02 bid/1.005 offer

What is weird is that my posted bids and offers don't interact with these crossed quotes but if I create a new order I can get executed... 

Can someone be so kind to explain what is happening and how I can better interact with these quotes? just as I was typing I has a 1.02 offer and a 1.025 bid popped up for a second, I didn't execute anything... 



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