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Coinone volume removed from Coinmarketcap due to ETC


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Ok.  So I've seen this question come up more than a few times in the chatbox, so this will at least help with the details.  Feel free to copy paste to anyone who asks in the future.

I tried to break it down super simple for those who may have questions and English is not their native language.  Thank you for bearing with me as I slowly get to the point :)




Like everyone, I wondered why the Coinone volume was not at it's normal spot at #2 on the markets list for XRP.  Scrolling down you see it at #41, with two asterisks (**), which the key describes as "**Volume Excluded - Withdrawals Halted.  Of course this immediately brings to mind several concerns.  So let's pull the onion back a few layers:




If you click on the Coinone link, it brings you to all of the markets they serve.  You will see that the status applies to all markets they offer:




This brought me to investigate the coinone.co.kr website - accessible from the page above.  You can see clearly that Ripple and XRP are prominent, but if you look just below you'll see a recent notice/alert:




------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Look up)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This was posted today, and does indeed involve a delay, but not related to Ripple:




I can't comment on the specifics of the issue, and there is no guarantee that it won't spread to affect more markets, but as of now this seems to be a case of an ETC issue removing their status as "recognized volume" on Coinmarketcap.com for the time being.


Please feel free to post any updates here if I am late to do so.


Many thanks, hope it helps.


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OK some great news -- just checked and Coinone is now ~28% of the XRP market!

Polo down to 50%, c'mon let's get it down to 1%



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2 minutes ago, Coroneus said:

@zerpdigger, if you switch the view right now to the last 1hr, Coinone is actually at 40%. Serious post dinner activity in Korea!


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What I don't get is, why is the price excluded? If you look at the ETH markets on Coinmarketcap, the Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit prices are marked with an asterisk, and it says "price excluded." On the Ripple markets, Coinone is excluded but Bithumb is included. I don't get the logic.


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