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Weird Gatehub Math


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New user here. Apologies if I'm posting/asking in the wrong part of the forum.

I've been a long time Ripple holder and earned most of my XRP back in the days where they were given away through the computing for good project. My plan is to hold long term.

Today I noticed in the Gatehub wallet that the math seems odd. When cycling through the different options for "Wallet Net Worth" the values are accurate for XRP and the USD value seems to be in line with the current market price (I also own some FMM that gives me daily XRP deposits). However, when I switch to BTC the balance jumps to a number that is much larger than makes sense to me. Based on current trading, the amount of BTC value it shows would be about 43 times more than my USD net worth is showing.

Hopefully my explanation is making sense here. My questions would be:

  1. Does anyone else have odd balances for BTC net worth on Gatehub?
  2. Is this a bug?
  3. Is FMM worth more than I thought?

This is not a huge issue since I'm holding long term, but it did raise my curiosity a bit. Thanks for any feedback provided!



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12 hours ago, Professor Hantzen said:

Maybe is it quoting a BTC price for a defunct issuer with a strange BTC price - such as snapswap?  Could you post a screenshot?

You were right. It is showing BTC Snapswap. I had not paid attention to XRP news for close to a year and didn't even know SnapSwap had shut down. Thanks for the help!

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