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How do I send ripples from cold wallet?


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1 hour ago, DiamondXL said:

Can someone explain how to send ripples from a cold wallet?

I found this site but there are a TON of options and I don't know what to select.

All I want to do is send X amount of ripples from one address to another.


There are lots of ways. My personal favorite so far, haven't tried many options, is the desktop client offered by the Brazilian ripple gateway, rippex: https://rippex.net/carteira-ripple.php#/

To send xrp, install the appropriate application choosing the correct platform: Windows, Mac OS, or linux; and the correct CPU processing capacity: 32 bit or 64.

Once you install the software, you can use your existing secret key in conjunction with a passphrase you create to gain access to your wallet locally on your computer. Then you can give the ripple wallet online access (there is an option for that in the wallet), and choose a destination address in the ripple client to send xrp to, then just send it from your cold wallet - the amount you would like to. Voila! - you're done.

P.S. - If you're going to send a large number of xrp, personally, I feel better testing a small amount first to make sure I haven't screwed up copy and pasting address, and then when transaction turns out ok, I send the large remainder of xrp in a subsequent payment/transfer from my cold wallet.

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