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2-step verification code lost


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I tried using the 16-digit "key", but it isn't working. A "wrong verification code" error message comes up when I try to log in. At a loss as to what my next step is. It's been 3 days since I wrote to Gatehub about this, but still waiting on a response.

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1 hour ago, javakim said:

I've lost the 2-step verification code on my mobile app and can no longer sign in to my Gatehub account. I've e-mailed Gatehub about this, but is there a quicker way to recover this?

Is there a way you can get to your old phone to perform a Titanium backup with all its data for the 2-step verification app you are using (assuming its Google Authenticator, etc) then on your new phone all what you have to do is install that 2FA app (Google Authenticator, etc), then Titanium backup and then restore your backup,or just the app's data backup and there you have access to the 2FA verification code again just as you had it working on your last old device.

This is assuming the following:
I.jpg.fec30784a4d956ad56a8ab71a7e4ee27.jpg.  That the problem here is that you got a new device and you have the old one tucked away somewhere that you can still access to it.
II.jpg.703b3c25b709cc486e72101c522518e1.jpg.  That you are running Android, not IOS, as my method I have only tested to work flawlessly on an Android phone, I dont have an iPhone to test it on an iPhone.
III.jpg.891e37718ac0fe3a7752e8a53cedf211.jpg.  That you have a backup of your Authenticator app with all its app user data made with the Titanium backup app.
IV.jpg.c47e18f566bc7772d001e10c2b54bf50.jpg.  In the unlikely event that you don't have access to your old smartphone and you failed to perform a backup of your authenticator key then Gatehub are the only ones that can help you and that's provided that they have a "backdoor" in their system for cases just like this one.  Now going back to the old now defunct Cryptsy days (Remember that exchange?) I once lost access to my Google Authenticator after getting my phone stolen (an old used Samsung Galaxy S2 I was using with FreedomPop free service) and I didnt had a backup of the authenticator key, I got in contact with Cryptsy support and after they asked me for my security questions to verify me, I was granted access to my account with 2FA turned off by them.  I am mentioning this here so that you can have some hope of being able to have access to your account again, and that all depends on Gatehub's policy pertaining to accounts with lost Authenticator access.


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Hi @FNetV1,

Thanks for the detailed response. The old device is an Android and has been lost, unfortunately. My new device is an iPhone, so this may prove to be troublesome. Hopefully, Gatehub gets back to me soon with a positive response about my regaining Authenticator access. I really hope so, at least. Fingers crossed!

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