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RippleTrade migration issues


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Hi guys,

I have the same problem.

Mercury seems to be the guy who actually helps. He's been very kind into helping me on the migration matter.

@Bitcoinbluecrush I remember my username and password from ripple but when I'm going through migration process via gatehub it says "this account has already been migrated over to gatehub please visit gatehub.net.

So it's a bit confusing it's not letting me do anything?? 

I've lost my password for gatehub (from when I first signed up in 2015) it asks for a recovery key, the recovery key i type starts with "34" a total of 32 characters but it says the recovery key I've entered is incorrect?. So a few days ago I signed up to gatehub with a new email and password etc I log in "Welcome" Ripple Trade User?  Start Migration...click on "start migration" enter new gatehub password...Welcome Ripple Trade user: in the next step you will be directed to Ripple Trade to log in..."status: Ready to go" I click on "migrate" it then sends me to Ripple Trade asks for my Ripple Name and Password which I type in..it then says "This account has been migrated. Access your account at gatehub.net....so I'm back to square one again??

With the new account I signed up can't I just add a new wallet??...in the Add Wallet section there's 3 things "New"... "Import"..."Ripple Trade"......when I click on to "Import" it asks for a secret key (which I don't have) I only have my username and password. When clicking on to "Ripple Trade" it says migrate I click and it goes through the same process as ive written above previously.

i seriously need some help.


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You need to access the first gatehub account you created in 2015. I guess you had already migrated your original RippleTrade wallet there. Try with the gatehub recovery key again while watching for any typo-errors; or possible copy-errors (1 and small 'L' may look the same). The secret key is actually the most important thing you need to keep.

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Hi Roborovskii,

First of all thank you for getting intouch.

i do have a L and I have 3 zero's or they could be 3 letter "o"'. So think there's were the problem is. I wouldn't think I would have an issue if I remembered my Ripple username and password which I clearly remember. 

I can recollect anyone giving me the secret key. If they had I would of written it down. 

Is there anywhere around the first gatehub account password?

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