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XRP myth buster


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Hello folks, 

recently in the zerpbox there has been talked about an idea to approach FUD spreading. I liked the idea to have some page that is community curated and can be used as reference, especially when debating with FUDsters and newcomers. I think a simple page with around twenty bullet points and corresponding descriptions/answers would do the trick. All the information are out there in the forums already, or at least in the heads of the hive mind. Putting our experiences and insights together would be pretty beneficial for XRP and the community.


- What do you think about this idea? 

- Would you like to participate on this? 

- Would it be good to have it curated by the community? 

- Should Ripple Labs themselves do this? 

- Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? 

- How should this look like in detail? 


My answers to the questions above: 


> What do you think about this idea?

I think this would be really good, because it would help keeping arguments up. Having a simple reference you can point people to would be great. 


> Would you like to participate on this? 

Yes, I would also like to drive this a little bit. 


> Would it be good to have it curated by the community? 

Yes. The community is always way ahead of the FUD and actually on the very frontier. We have the argument. We have the opponents right in front of us. 


> Should Ripple Labs themselves do this?

Uncertain. I think they should to a certain extend. The problem is often that somebody who wants to sell something is not as trustable to hold up the argument to sell something, because this somebody is the one winning the most out of selling something. Even though most of the community members are somehow invested into XRP, it would be good to have a document combining different viewpoints and opinions besides the biggest stakeholder. It would be good though if Ripple Labs would support this somehow. 


> Would Ripple Labs allow this or think it is a good idea? 

I do not know. Insiders please chime in here. 


> How should this look like in detail? 

IMO Github pages or a simple repository would do the trick. Everybody could create PRs for new content or content changes. This would be transparent to everybody. That way we could easily manage changes and keep track of the history. 


All the best, Tim. 

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While searching about the XRP myth busting topic, I found this post. So I came up with the idea of XRP Myth Buster NFTs. The collection has 10,000 unique bulls crushing 59 different myths about XRP, XRPL and Ripple. The entire collection will be distributed for free to spread the truth about XRP. Everything is ready to be minted, just waiting for the NFT markets to catch up, they are currently overloaded.

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