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Verification process HELP!


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Anyone else having issues getting verified on Gatehub. First time I submitted a pic of my drivers license and a pic of a Bank statement showing my name and address. about 1 day later i got an email from Gatehub support saying it was denied with no reason. Yet,  a bank statement is recommended as a piece of identification to get verified. Next I submitted my personal property tax form showing my name and my address sent from the County I live in Virginia. I even have an open request with gatehub and have got no update in over a week. There is zero communication so I have no clue why i was rejected in the first place, and why this is taking so long. Even a simple email saying they have not checked my credentials yet would atleast let me know that its not already denied or being ignored. I'm trying to get verified ASAP so i can deposit USD to buy XRP and I feel like time is of the essence.


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