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GateHub email's not working and I can't sign-in


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1 minute ago, Redsetter said:

I tried to log in a few hours ago to gatehub and after i did two stage log in it said that i was accessing from a computer that wasnt recogised and it sent me an email to confirm. It spooked me as i only logged in yesterday from the same computer so thought something didnt feel right. I receiced the email to confirm but I havnt clicked it yet to confirm.....might be related ??? Just seemed odd it queried the computer i was loggin in from....


Well, GateHub uses an algorithm which sometimes doesn't work as expected.... It can send email when you log in from the same machine or it doesn't send an email when you log in from machine which was never used before for logging in to GateHub.

This forum is not GateHub official support and we don't know if these things are related or not.


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