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Correcting Comments In Crypto-articles!

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This is what I am going to post in the comment sections of articles that are spreading FUD, as well as people saying things that aren't true.

Feel free to copy/paste it, as well as make corrections/add stuff. :)


If you want to know about Ripple Labs (RL) and XRP, maybe you should exercise Due Diligence. These comments about how XRP is a scam or how they are just propping up the Financial Institutions just show how ignorant most people actually are. There is a REAL-WORLD ISSUE regarding transferring money. Bitcoin is NOT the answer. You want to talk about decentralization? How is it that 5 MINING POOLS control over 51% of Bitcoin? Or Ethereum's 3 MINING POOLS!? You call THAT decentralization? There will ALWAYS be a mining entity that can get a great deal on electricity consumption, and when you take into consideration the COST of mining, from an environmental standpoint it is such a waste and socially irresponsible! It is like burning a LOT of oil to produce electricity that will be used to pump less oil than it takes to run it.

As far as how XRP can become MORE decentralized than Bitcoin, Ripple Labs has vowed that for every 2 Validator Nodes created by other trusted companies, Ripple Labs will take down 1 of their 25 Validator Nodes. BOOM! All you hear about from BTC supporters is how awesome BTC is. But you don't hear how the miners can screw everything up if they choose to do so with a fork or reversed transactions! Oh, and XRP is NOT PRE-MINED! 
Transactions are in the thousands/s (able to be scaled to match the throughput of VISA!), and the average transaction takes <8 seconds. 
You are able to store value on XRP! 
"If you want to support and empower the incumbents of the corrupt ba(n)king system instead of the people, invest in ripple." Really? People should be pushing for transparency, and if the Ripple Consensus Ledger/Interledger Protocol is widely adopted, don't you think that "the people" should ALSO push for transparency vs. having private ledgers? Obviously there needs to be protocols in place to protect privacy, but that ALSO doesn't necessitate an unquestionable belief that banks are always acting in the best interest of the public. I'd LOVE to know if the banks we are using are funding illegal/immoral agendas.

Overall, I think that most people miss the forest for the trees: they see a price increase and say, "WHOA! That isn't natural!" XRP was undervalued this entire time. There were regulatory problems, and they jumped through EVERY hoop needed in order to change the world. In my opinion, most of the negative articles authored, and untrue comments made about Ripple Labs and XRP stem from a.) a general misunderstanding/ignorance of what Ripple Labs and XRP are all about, and b.) people who are heavily invested in other cryptos, including Bitcoin, and are threatened by RL's success as well the technological advancements made that show BTC is antiquated. Currently, there are over 200k backlogged transactions, and the cost of mining BTC is increasing.

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