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Professor Hantzen

An Easy Introduction to Interledger

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Great! I'll be there - will be nice to meet you.

The only info I have on an agenda is what was sent to the Interledger mailing list:

Day 1: Thursday, June 1st
Hackathon Prep

Day 2: Friday, June 2nd

And you need to register here for the workshop and the conference.  There are times listed at that link, but they're not entirely clear.  It gives a start time of 8am on June 1st - I'll see if I can clarify the rest.

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19 hours ago, Warbler said:

Thanks for "easy introduction to ILP",  my wife didn't have any questions after reading it, so it's a good one :)

I've got my tickets to Berlin, see you there.

Hah, that's great!  Thanks for the feedback.

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