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Incorrect password and secret key


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Is there any way to recover funds in a wallet without password and secret key? I'm using the rippex desktop wallet. I still have the wallet file itself if that will help in any way. Unfortunately the wallet is not accepting my password with which I've logged in before and it turns out that I may have copied the secret key incorrectly. I find it strange that these problems started to occur once I transferred my ripple from an exchange to the wallet. I'm relatively new to crytocurrencies and all. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Yes I'm selecting the correct file. I remember my password as I've logged in with that password before but apparently the password can be corrupted which may have happened to me. I know that the secret key starts with an s and it's 29 characters long. I probably copied it incorrectly because it doesn't work. Please help, I'm desperate

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Did you try to import your secret key in another wallet like Gatehub?

Do you copy paste your secret key correctly with no space at the beginning or at the end, or a wrong characters (0 or O)

Are you sure you didn't type your password in capital letters?


Without local wallet password and secret key, I'm not sure how to access your funds.

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Yes I've tried importing it in Gatehub but it doesn't work therefore it must be that my secret key is incorrect.

Yes I copy and paste my secret key but to no avail.

I'm sure that my password is correct, as I said, I've managed to get access to the wallet many times before using that password.

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