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XRP sent without DT lost?


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I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some thoughts on the amount sent in XRP without the destination tag, which was required.

Is it considered lost? or there is a way to get it back or something?



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That's what I thought, but the amount was deducted from my wallet. I believe that the address is correct but I did not include the dt.

I transferred to ShapeShift.


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The exchange status shows awaiting deposit. 

It was my bad not copying the entire address including the destination tag. So I believe that they have not recognised my transfer.

I thought maybe it is possible to do something from my wallet to reverse the transfer to get the amount back.

I sent them an e-mail and waiting for their response. I don't have any high hopes though to get them back.

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Thanks guys for your replies.

I contacted Shapeshift and I got this resolved. They refunded the full amount to my wallet. 

A lesson learned, will check carefully if destination tag is needed for the transaction before making one.


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