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Where could you buy ripple (XRP) in 2013


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What you used varied depending on where you lived at the time.

In 2013, I (US Resident) was buying XRP from SnapSwap. There was a brief period of time where you could deposit USD to SnapSwap by simply logging in to your bank account (kind of how you sign on to websites using your Facebook). 

If my knowledge serves me correct, some other exchanges operating at the time (maybe more like 2014) were BitStamp, Kraken, Ripple Singapore, The Rock Trading, and Gatehub. 

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I would like more information about this as well, including the ripple clients online formatting, recovery options at that time etc. I bought through a now dead exchange and sent to the default ripple wallet, which was simply a login+password. Apparently its not compatible with the new ripple, or old ripple user accounts have been 'burned', migration of my old account is not working. But besides the basic tutorials there is little information about the previous process of storage/retrieval/backup or purchasing.

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