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Pre-ripple trade account recovery


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After many days of effort I am convinced I have a proper backup, but it was not the type that the migration took care of. There are others with similar issues, so help would be appreciated by a lot.


I purchased ripple in 2013, and have many backups of the login information. Here is the what is contained in my backups :


Username: myusername

Password: myverylong,securepassword

My research is saying this is before ripple trade migration took place. I have many similar backups, so I am sure this should be all required to access the funds.

The issue seems to be that the migration does not work for the older accounts, or some similar issue.



When I try to log in, it says invalid username or password. I have many backups, so I am sure I have the correct information -- but its possible the issue is with the ripple profile options below. The error message is not too helpful, and its possible my password is too long to be accepted by the new client fo r example, even though it worked on the first ripple online wallet.

I have heard many people having similar issues, some "solved easily through the slack chat" and some still waiting for the answers, myself included. I can't believe the oldest users who have not migrated, sitting on their ripple for years, should simply lose access due to changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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17 hours ago, otstudio said:

Do you have your secret key? 

If you have that, you can import all the funds into a new wallet.

I have tried contacting ripple support, they are very slow in responding and have not offered any help so far. Waiting for a next response for a few days now.


I do not have my secret key, I believe it was not part of the process (or if it was it was not at all clear at that time) -- I have excessive backups from the crypto purchases, sometimes up to 20 backups per account (including the ripple login/password/link I have). I have no ripple seed, although I do have a ripple-wallet.txt which I am not able to unlock with the desktop cilent, either an invalid wallet or saved password, but that might not be worth anything anyways. 

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