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[SOLVED] Need help from old-time Ripplers with migration


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I had an account at ripple.com where I received some XRP in march 2013. I saved the log in details, but when I try to migrate with Gatehub, it says that my user name doesn't exist (my user name was cobra-kai there as well). I have the passwords that I used at ripple.com, I have the public key of the account and I can verify on ripplecharts that it is indeed the account that I used. What happened in between that could have made my user name disappear? Any suggestions what I should do?

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4 minutes ago, contemptx said:

I also have an account created in march 2013, But sadly currently not so lucky, I have tried every password I use on a regular basis and cant for the life of me get the migrate to let me in

Check out this post:


There are a few options for old accounts including retrieving old information

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