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btc from gatehub not received


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i sent 0.0795 btc from my gatehub fifth wallet to nicehash earlier today, and it hasn't appeared in the nicehash account.

i've had no problems with this before, and have traced it back to the last btc account that sends it through.

this is where the btc is right now: https://blockchain.info/address/1Ccb4vrC5atJHHdj3hHhYwJmYxtVZLZXWc

my transaction is this: https://blockchain.info/tx/3996d2a6d96029392375ed356dc3b31bdfcbc8d7966151ef6485bbc6c59c036c

does anyone know why its delayed? as you can see there are heaps of others waiting for theirs too 

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I'm having the same issue today. I've sent an email to support team, to have them check it. 


I had a similar thing last week. Eventually it came through. Not sure what the issue was.



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