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I am new to the crypto Please HELP, Google Authenticator app generating codes but the gate-hub is saying ( wrong verification code). I tried the last 10 seconds way but still no luck. Please need help..

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Sometimes it's a problem of time synchronization, check if your phone & computer time are synced correctly.

or try with another browser (Chrome) or to clean browser history.



It's not as simple as that. You should have a google authenticator recovery code, but probably you didn't saved it?

Try this:



I don't know if it will work.

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My husband had a similar problem. Do you have your username, password, and secret key?

He emailed support@gatehub.net and let them know that you have your username, password, and secret key but that you need to reset your 2-step verification. In his email, he included a picture of himself holding a sign that said 'Gatehub 2FA'.

He had to email a few times before they responded, but Gatehub support eventually replied/fixed it for him.

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