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Funds not showing up on gatehub 6 days now


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On may 10th at 12:03 am I sent some bitcoin from my blockchain wallet to my gatehub account. 

I sent them to this address provided by gatehub to receive the bitcoin.

12V86knckHdSxNF1cc3dubLziMrERRPf8W, the Funds took an hour to be confirmed and leave my blockchain wallet and following another 12 hours they arrived in my gate hub.

The next night same day on the 10th at 11:23 pm I sent some more bitcoin from the same blockchain wallet to the same address again provided by gatehub


I double, tripled, quadruple checked before sending and yes the addresses are the same. 

sadly for some reason it took blockchain 4 days to get my confirmations to send the coin to that address

I finally got all confirmations at 2017-05-14 14:40:41

Now several days later my gatehub still has not received  my bitcoin. WHERE DID IT GO!!!!! 

PLease help and respond I will be waiting for any assistance 

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