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How To Fund Your Wallet


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I altered the title slightly :P To make up for it I pin'd and featured this so it will be top of the list, I am also NOT moving it to new members as the General tab is what most people see first.

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3 minutes ago, namini said:

btw 20 XRP is enough to connect 2 trust lines and place orders that are filled instantly not staying on the book.

For activation + 2 trust lines you need 30 XRP as reserve (20 + 5 + 5).

But if you make instant orders you can also not have any trust line, so 20 XRP + some (1 XRP) to pay the fees is enough.

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18 hours ago, tulo said:

(of which 20XRP will be locked forever).

  • Bithomp (https://bithomp.com/). It provides a way to generate funded accounts. You can use paypal, BTC or perfect money. I don't know how slow it is.

1) 20 XRP locked until base reserve amount is chnaged :) now it's 20 XRP, but can be changed.

You can add 2 trustlines, even if you have only 20 xrp. xrp fee will be taken, so you will have slightly less then 20 xrp.

Also works to change settings on the account etc.

2) Bithomp doesn't generate funded account.

a) We have service to generate acconts (it's generated in user's browser, not touching our server, can be generated offline as well)

b ) we activate accounts (sending a base reserve amount or a bit bigger amount to non-activated wallets only)

3) Account activation with PayPal or PerfectMoney on Bithomp takes most of the time only 1 second. With Bitcoin as soon as first confirmation arrived. Can be 15 minutes, if users pay bitcoin fee with rate around 400 satoshis per byte, or can take as long as 4 days and more if users pay standart blockchain.info wallet fee 120 s/byte.

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