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Does anyone know what is happening with Korean exchanges? Coinone was planned to start trading with XRP on May 15. Then they opened a few days early but they did not show on coinmarketcap.com to have any volume. Then yesterday XRP/KRW on coinone generated 2. largest volume.

Bithump should also introduce XRP yesterday but they did not generate any volume? Did they start trading XRP or is there any delay?

Bithump is larger than Coinone so when they open we should see a similar spike, yes, no? 

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Although Coinone (3rd largest exchange in Korea) planned to open their trading on 5/15, xrp trading in Korea was possible through Korbit (2nd largest exchange in Korea). I think their's was linked with Poloniex, thus suffering the same outage when Polo was DDoS attached. After Coinone announcement, Bithumb also announced that their xrp will open sometime this week. Then all of a sudden (on Friday), Korbit opened their xrp exchange which spiked the price of xrp. After this move, Coinone responded with opening their exchange on Saturday. Bithumb is still not open though I've heard they are taking preorders of xrp.








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