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Recover Old Ripple.com/Client Account


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Ok, so back in 2013 I bought multiple currencies to hold, which included Ripple.

However coming to now use these ripples I'm greeted with a migration system that does not recognise my details as the ripple client was depreciated sometime ago.

But I know my details are correct & my address / balance are still there when checking.

What I do not have though is my secret key, but surely Ripple should have a backup of this considering it was there system I created the account on?

I have contacted support but I'm yet to receive a response... anyone know how long they usually take to get back?

also I tried to register on there forum with multiple email addresses but I do not get the activation email? Anyone else have this issue?


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I also didn't migrate to the new system. I left my XRPs untouched since 2014. And now the migration doesn't work for me - I am pretty sure I tried the right username+password. (and some variations of it).

Luckily I have a secret key in a weird format (not starting with s) - it's just letters and numbers and ends with =  (equals sign). Much longer than the usual "s..." secret key that is mentioned everywhere! Looks like a Base52 or Base64 encoded text.

Can somebody help me?

About registering on Ripple Forum: Check your SPAM / Junk email folder for your activation emails, they might be there.

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There are a few others in the same boat: 


It seems that those of us on ripple.com/client (before: rippletrade) accounts have no way to migrate or recover our accounts, which considering we created our accounts on ripples systems and they changed them, for them not to include a way for us to migrate is like a bank saying "hey we upgraded our banking systems and you no longer have access to your funds"

I know what my username & password is for the wallet & I possibly have a backup of the ripple-wallet.txt on my old machine which I will be checking for, but based on other threads even if we know this secret key, we have no way to use it.

I have around 30,000 ripple in my account, and im willing to give 10,000 of them to anyone that can get at them ;)

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