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3 minutes ago, Myself said:

Me either. I can't log in, too.

Same problem as you.


Thats sucks.

My problem with ripple is that i dont have a simple wallet like electrum or so.

Or is there ?

Is there a easy way to buy XRP and store it yourself ?

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What is your problem exactly, I can log in perfectly fine here.

What verification code are you talking about? new device email? Phone 2AF authenticator? other?



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1 hour ago, kreek said:

I cant log in.

Get stuck by vertification code.

Mate you asked for verification and its b3n asked for your own security, you receive a text or email unless you gave fake detaila

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My authy 2Fa give me the digit code and when I copy it to gatehub page, it says wrong verification code.

I do this all the time and had no problem until today.

It happened after a windows automatic update.


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