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XRP not shown in my gatehub wallet after 4 days


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Hi all,

I sent some Ethereum through Shapeshift and onto my Gatehub wallet last Thursday and it still hasn't shown up. The order number is 8a294452-1219-48f2-b232-cd0994865f82. The transaction left Shapeshift successfully (see attached) but I am wondering where it is now. I sent a Litecoin transaction across after this and it appeared instantaneously. Anyone help here? The wallet address it is supposed to have got to is rpXQECBnVwUcEmijYfSVum7tbn8UZYX4sc.

Many thanks for any assistance.



ETH to XRP transaction.jpg

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I checked that wallet address and on 2017-05-12 the address received 520.87 XRP, so in total the wallet now has 1365.78 XRP.

I don't know if it's the amount you bought on ShapeShift though.

If it's correct then it could just be GateHub having problems at the moment and not show you the current balance.

If the above wasn't the ShapeShift payment then you should contact ShapeShift's support as the XRPs weren't sent.

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