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Exchanging ETH to XRP on Gatehub


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Hello all, 

I'm a newbie here, so sorry for my ignorance. I need help exchanging my ETH to XRP on Gatehub.

I sent my ETH from Coinbase to Gatehub, which has now been deposited to my 'Hosted Wallet' on Gatehub. I now wish to exchange this ETH to XRP. How do I do this?

Gatehub exchange window states I need to create another Ripple wallet (which I have) in order to trade. I am having some difficulty trying to put the deposited ETH from the 'Hosted Wallet' to a 'Ripple Wallet'...

Thank you for your help in advance!

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I don't know if you can convert ETH to XRP directly with hosted wallet or not but if you want to hold ETH IOU on a Ripple wallet, first you need to have an activated Ripple wallet (20XRP or more) and set a trust line to Gatehub.ETH then you should be able to send to you wallet. Try with a small amount first.


Then you can use Trade or Exchange pages to convert.

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