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Kraken bankwire deposits question


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Not sure if this is where I should put the topic or not...

I was verified for TIER 3 at Kraken last week.  I requested a US bankwire deposit on their website thereafter. Will the wire be initiated by them, or do I have to go into my bank and request them to send it.  I requested it on 5/10.  I wasn't sure if filling it all out on Kraken and submitting the request is all I had to do, or if it's like coinbase/GDAX where you have to go into your bank and give them the information and they will send the bankwire themselves.  I've asked Kraken about this and they still haven't responded lol.  It takes forever to get an answer over there.


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40 minutes ago, XrayRomeoPapa said:

I have done a couple wires to my US bank now. They will cover it on their end you do not have to warn your bank.

What about from your US bank to Kraken?  I'm depositing, not withdrawing.

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If depositing from US is the same as CAD then from my own experiences you must go to your own bank to complete the wire transfer. Not sure what you filled out on Kraken for a request but my guess is you filled in a Withdrawal form. Record the information and steps on the Funding > Deposit > US Dollar (USD) page and go to your bank to give them this information. It will take 3-4 days and if you see nothing on the fourth day, submit a ticket on the Kraken Support site. This has gotten me a response and solution within 6 hours.


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