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Transaction disappeared in GateHub


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I tried to send some BTC from my ripple wallet in GateHub few days ago, but it didn't go through.

It was unconfirmed for about 3 days but when I tired to check the status yesterday the transaction was not there and it seems that it completely disappeared.

If the network dropped it then I'd assume it'll come back to my ripple wallet, but there's nothing back.

I'd like to know what happened, and what will happen, and how I can resolve this issue.

TX Hash:1F03DD59FB6E3F50DAFEF78E9FFCAD172F8F0E22F8CCF096ABE9FD71C5458FD5


sorry for posting here but their e-mail support is non-responsive...

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If I understand this correctly, you sent Gatehub.BTC from your Gatehub "Ripple" wallet to your Gatehub "Hosted" wallet, but you never received the BTC in your Hosted wallet?

Can you double check it? I see you've made several transactions.

If you're sure you have not received the BTC, you can send a PM (personal message) to @gregor on this forum, explain him the problem and what is your email address.

But maybe you've received the BTC now.

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