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Poloniex and XRP

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I tried to move my xrp out of Poloniex and back to Gatehub.

Poloniex shows transfer complete but Gatehub does not show received.

Poloniex is having to many issues recently. Until they resolve issues stay out of Poloniex. Store xrp in other accounts

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You should use a real Ripple wallet on Gatehub not an hosted wallet, you would have received the XRP directly and without the need for a destination tag :)

Well don't worry your XRP are on Gatehub wallet rhub8VRN55s94qWKDv6jmDy1pUykJzF3wq they should credit your wallet at some point.


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2 minutes ago, itsmikeandjulie said:

I use the hosted wallet, not sure why now but I always have and not had any issues with delays. Guess I will start using the other wallet, Thanks.

I don't trade much on polo but when I did I used the hosted wallet.  I always send and receive with Ripple wallets.

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31 minutes ago, itsmikeandjulie said:

Polo is having to many issues, just want to keep my xrp safe an Gatehub looks safer for now.

For sure.  I'm a long term holder so if I buy on polo I move it out to my Ripple wallet immediately.

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54 minutes ago, namini said:

Don't forget to enable 2AF for best security and write down the recovery code in case you lose / break your phone.

how can i get recovery code in gatehub sorry not in this stage of securit

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