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Locked out because of 2FA


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i had the same problem when I re-installed my iOS operating from beta to retail.

Big problem!

It depends on which exchange... you must speak with support.

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My Phone was broken that I have the same problem.

I think that Gatehub did not use recovery of 2FA, when I enable google authenticator I did not see the Scan or backup key. They just used recovery password key at the first authentication.

But for the second code from Google Authenticator. I was sending email to gatehub support, but i have not received the response yet.

Hope you all had the same problem to help.



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I too have this problem.  I have the backup code as well as a copy of the barcode block, but when I enter the information, it displays "wrong verification code"  2 support requests submitted so far.  one yesterday, one today.  


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