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Bitcoin XBT Order Untouched for Days!

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I've been using Kraken for buying XRP (Ripple), you have to buy XBT (Bitcoin) with USD, and then purchase XRP. Got that? I placed my first order back in December 2016,  my trade for buying XBT with USD closed in moments. Monday afternoon I placed an order buying XBT at $1602, and the order is still "Untouched" three days later. I'm stuck not able to buy XRP, and I'm concerned if they'll ever fill this order, considering XBT is now at $1,849. I read an article about slow Bitcoin trades, but don't know what to expect, anyone run into this issue?

I'm waiting to get verified on Bitstamp so I won't have to deal with this, but it would be nice to have my order filled at $1,602.

Thank you!


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I'm thinking I figured out my own answer, but verification would be nice. I read in another post that someone has to be willing to sell for that price. It looks like that won't happen, but why didn't my order get filled initially? Because XBT was moving up?

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