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Ripple Desktop Wallet: Please Help


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To start off, I don't know what I'm doing. My apologies. I'm not usually an idiot, but I seem to have completely ****** up here. A couple of days ago I installed the Ripple Desktop Wallet from Rippex, created an account, and deposited 2775 XRP into the account.

Now, I've forgotten my password and (this is the weird part) can't find the wallet file anywhere on my machine. I can open the admin console, but when I try to select the account file on the Open Account page, I can't find the file anywhere.

I do have my ripple address and my secret key, and when I check my ripple address using Read Only Mode, it does show the 2775 XRP as being there.

I'm pretty nervous that I've basically just sent $500 worth of XRP into the void here... Can someone please help me? Is there a way I can use my secret key and address to fix this? I'm totally at a loss.

Thank you very, very much.

To clarify: i was attempting to create a cold storage wallet for offline storage. i thought i did so correctly, so sent the 2775 XPR over, and they did arrive safely it seems, but then i logged out. came back a couple days later and attempted to log back in. first thought i might have forgotten my password, then realized that before you enter it you're supposed to select your account file (which i think should be saved somewhere locally). but i can't find it. don't see anything that looks like the account file on any directories of my machine.

Furthermore: As an experiment I just went through the account creation process again (Open account > Create new account > Create an empty account) again, and it again seemed to successfully create an account, yet the wallet file I created doesn't show up in the directory where I created it. If I log out and attempt to log into the account I've just created it again doesn't work.


I'm totally at a loss. Please help. Thank you!

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As long as you have you're secret key you're fine.

You can use your secret with any wallet, you can even import it in Rippex desktop wallet to create a new local wallet file "Create a new account with a secret key".

But maybe first try to figure things out.

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Thanks for your answer. I'm very glad to hear that as long as I have the secret key I'm okay! But I still don't know what to do next.


What should I do with the secret key in order to log back into my account? And it doesn't matter that there's no wallet file on my machine?

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I told you:

"Create a new account" -> "Create a new account with a secret key"

and I was telling you to figure things out first, because you should try to locate your previous wallet file before creating a new one.

It doesn't matter really, except if someone someday have access to your hard drive and find your old wallet file and try to decrypt it.

Btw use an antivirus and antimalware!


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Figured it out! Used Open Account > Create New Account > Create New Account with Secret Key. Put in my secret key, selected a new password for the wallet, and it opened correctly. Not sure what was going on before or where my wallet file went. Now able to log in and out normally.

Thank you for your help!

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