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Problem / Confusion transferring from GateHub BTC to External BTC


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I initiated a "Send Payment" transaction from my GateHub wallet a few days ago. I was trying to transfer my BTC to Poloniex. Well i thought GateHub works like other standard Bitcoin wallets.

The Transaction actually went through but the Transfer apparently went on to a different Bitcoin address.

My GateHub transaction entry shows the transfer to the given (correct) Poloniex Address but the BlockExplorer shows that it went into some kinda pool Bitcoin address.

I created a Ticket by mailing GateHub support but it seems that response will take forever.

GateHub Bitcoin Address: 1PRLNskimeXGBb5nGy8ZLfaCWn7Deew7si

Target Bitcoin Address: 1DHiw89Y6E9k5w4oFAU1TM2ASJ1UdRnDMS

I have attached the screenshot of Transaction Details from GateHub Dashboard and The Transaction data from Block Explorer.


The Above link clearly shows that the transfer of 0.028 BTC went to some other Address, possibly GateHub's pool address.

Please Help me understand this. Will i get the amount back ?

The Attachment shows the the amount was transferred. The address shown there is the Target address of Poloniex.

The Second Attachment shows the Blockexplorer Screenshot, as can be seen from the link provided.

What does all this mean ? Am i getting my Bitcoins Back ? I know the amount isn't much but i would very much like to know what went wrong.





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Can you paste me the transaction hash please.

You will get the amount back no matter where was the problem. 

I apologise for all the delays and we will soon communicate with what was happening and how we will solve the problems. 

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