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I hope to find time this Summer to maybe fully dive into Stellaris Utopia and Offworld Trading Company, so all of my fellow brothers and sisters of steam are forewarned of their near imminent demise/takeover!  I prefer the Hive-mind and Scavenger play styles within both games.

Please see mindark.com and entropiauniverse.com.  I have had an account since 2009.  I am about to be able to be a mentor on this game and I will be offering a mentorship program.  No one found or if they did cared about my redemption policies for the EU assets I have issued to ~Twarden but those markets and policies are not currently maintained anyways.

Veripare on Steam & Veripare Vee Star on Planet Calypso (usually playing around OLA 42 area hunting Argonauts typically and at a society terminal search for Death Lords if you are so inclined, we have Mother-ships and Pathfinders) are my in game names.  I have commented on the need for Ripple Inc to consider an innovative technology alliance with Mindark which has invested well over 80M$USD into their IP.


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