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Has anyone already purchased a Ledger Wallet?


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With the recent announcement that Ripple will be supported before May 22nd, has anyone gone ahead and purchased one in anticipation? Or are we mostly waiting for the confirmation that it is live before doing so?

Meanwhile, interested in hearing everyone's views on a couple other questions:
1. Is there any sense in buying 2 (1 for backup?) Or would this be unnecessary, given that you can restore your configurations with the 24-word recovery seed with any new Ledger Wallet anyways?
2. Would you try to find the hardware wallet's private key and store it somewhere, in case you lose the 24-word recovery seed? (Or does this defeat the purpose of the hardware wallet security of hiding your secret key, even from yourself?)
3. Would you transfer all your holdings onto the Ledger Wallet, or diversify and split your holdings among several places 'just in case'? (e.g. some in cold storage, some in exchanges, and some in hardware wallet)

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I already own a ledger wallet and use it with some currencies, also have been holding XRP for a decent amount of time as well - am super happy about the announcement to function with ledger.  Not very technical but will try to help.  As an aside, you can store Ethereum's ERC20 tokens on Ledger and it's very useful if you hold lots of different cryptocurrencies or even just one.  

1. I don't think there is much sense in buying two unless you are managing two separate portfolios or accounts, or have the intention of sharing one with another person (in that case, two obviously makes more sense.)

2.  I just keep the 24 word recovery seed well hidden.  you won't need it unless you lose or break the ledger - it is the ultimate backup to your resources (disclaimer:  haven't tried using it, but I'm hoping that it works)  There is also a 4 to 8 digit pin key to open or use the ledger, so someone can't just find it and break into all your coins.  They will need to crack the 8 digit pin first.  

3. I leave some on exchanges in case I need to make a trade very quickly.  I think leaving some in cold storage no matter what makes a ton of sense.  


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