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New phone 2FA not working


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I had an iphone that died and when I got the new one and restored it from the back up I had to restore my google Authenticator app.  Now, whenever I get to the 2FA part of sign in, I get invalid code banner.  I have reset my password, check the times on my computer and phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the GA app three times and now I am starting to panic a bit.  I would like to access my wallet.  Help! 

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Ya... I have had that problem with Google Authenticator and iPhone. 

Some thoughts:

  1. Authenticator has big bad bugs and the are no updates. Good idea but the code was written by a summer student.
  2. When using Authenticator make sure you have a 'method of by-pass' for the host you are connecting to... in the case that Authenticator settings become un-installed. It happened to me when I changed my iOS Profile from Developer Beta to Retail for iOS 10. It was painful.
  3. i am beginning to think that one should not be using Authenticator on mobile phones but rather on regular operating system resident machines. But this too could have un-tested implications.
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Some other thoughts:

A bit more info... if the problem is with XXXX you can speak to Support. They will take forever to get back to you,.. maybe a week. Then they will ask meta questions about your account usage. 

I neglected to set the 'Master Key' in Settings. The Master Key enables bypass of the 2-Factor at Login - once only. While you can set the modality of the Master Key to be yet another instance of say, a Google Authenticator app or other tool, I considered using a second strong password. Maybe a better choice would be a second instance of Authenticator on a laptop machine.


Ahh... I must confess to having no experience with Gatehub. 

That said, I expect that if you send Support a message there must be a way to document who you are, and use a bypass.

My experience with XXXX was surprising because they asked me to embed the answers to their questions in an email... all email is archived by everyone in the SMTP path I am sure, and the content is not encrypted. My point is, is that if Gateway asks you to do the same...  consider declining. You might consider pasting the your answers into GateHub website resident email portal. I guess they have one.


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There is a chrome browser extension you can try, if it's not working on the phone (but make sure you pc is secure, antivirus, antimalware).

Otherwise if you can't figure it out you will have to contact support.

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